Dr Aquinas Edassery started Swasthya Swaraj to work in the remote forested district of Kalahandi in Odisha
Dayamani Barla is an adivasi activist, also known as Iron Lady of Jharkhand.


Kiran Vissa has been a key AID figure. His focus interests have been agriculture and farmers’ issues.
Gomathi is actively involved in the Eureka Initiative and Dhamu works full time for AID-India, coordinating various programs.


Harish has been an advocate for policies that improve the lives of immigrant, refugee, and religious minority communities in Chicago.






Young people are invited to register for the Peace, Justice and You(th) Conference on May 26, 2017 at the ____________.  Children are also welcome to attend the entire AID Conference from May 27-29, where they may attend sessions of interest to them and also interact and play in unstructured and semi-structured activities during the conference.  Please click here to register for the Youth Conference. Payment information for the Youth Conference can be found here.