Info for Attendees

Directions to Venue & Venue Map

Address: 13851 Stevens Canyon Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014

Download these before reaching the venue:
1. Link to Venue map
2. Agenda
3. Offline maps of the area on google maps. (Here is how)

Conference Venue: Via West Campus (Venue video)(Directions)
Closest Train Stations: Caltrain, Amtrak
Closest Airport: San Jose International Airport
Conference Accommodation: Via West Group Retreat Center

Limited Parking: Carpool OR Rideshare
Parking is extremely limited. There is no street parking near the venue. We highly recommend taking Uber/Lyft or carpooling with 3+ attendees to reach the venue.

Please fill & use the Carpool & Rideshare coordination sheet to find carpool or rideshare buddies to share uber/lyft to the venue

Cupertino weather minus a few degrees. Nights can get chilly.

What to bring?

    • Food: The conference venue is a strictly nut-free location. Please ensure no one at your party brings nut butter, energy bars with nuts, etc. Bring water bottles for hiking, etc.
    • Bedding: A pillow, white bedsheet & a wool blanket are provided for each person. Bring an additional sleeping bag or blanket based on your comfort preference. All dorms are heated.
    • Cell reception & Charging ports: There’s very little to no cell reception at the venue. Only the main conference room has wifi. Charging ports are limited. Bring extra batteries or a power bank as needed.
    • Personal items:
      • Bathing soap (environmentally friendly)
      • Towel, Sunscreen
      • Bug spray
      • Camping and weather-friendly clothes and shoes
      • Closed shoes for walking on trails
      • Bring layers/warm clothes as the weather will get chilly in the morning/night.

Youth participants are requested to bring

        • Water bottle
        • Closed shoes
        • bedding etc (same as adults)
        • One blank T-shirt to be painted on
        • Clothes that can get dirty (during pottery)
        • Extra change of clothes for after pottery
        • Extra set of clothes for after hiking in case trails are muddy

For queries, please contact [email protected]