Conference Logistics

In order to reduce waste at the youth and main conference, please bring the following items for yourself and anyone accompanying you.

  • Plates
  • Glasses/Cups/Water bottle
  • Cutlery (if you need any)
  • Bedsheets, pillow covers (Conference accommodation includes bed and a mattress)

Getting to the conference venue

Conference provided accomodation (Cougar Village I) to conference venue (Student Center South)

Conference Accommodation
Each accommodation unit has 2 rooms and each room comes with 2 beds per room, with mini-fridge and 2 studying tables and chairs. You can view the room photos here.
Not sure of your plans yet?
You can still register after April 15th. However, anyone registering after April 15th will need to arrange for their own accommodation. There is a Hilton hotel on the UH campus within a 2 minute walk to the conference venue