Peace, Justice and You(th) 2022 Conference

Meet the Facilitators of the 7th Peace, Justice and You(th) Conference on May 27-30, 2022. Clockwise from upper left:

Marley Pinsky, Youth Governor-Elect,  State of Maryland
Khiyali Pillalamarri, past Youth Delegate and Bill Coordinator, Maryland Youth Legislature
Amalie Kinney, outgoing (2021-22) Secretary of State, Maryland Youth Legislature
While they met through Maryland’s Youth & Government, these three students bring many talents and among them have prior experience with AID, Peace Justice and You(th), Harford County Climate Action as well as experience in theatre arts, camp counseling and multi-age group activities.   We are delighted to have them facilitating this year.

At the conference, youth will have the opportunity to take part in law-making, arts and theatre, nature walk and orienteering as well as discussion on the notion of the national park and its ties to settler colonialism.  While there is an agenda set for the three days, this will change and adapt in accordance with the weather and the goals set by the youth which will help set the direction of the activities in real time.


12:00  Welcome, Registration and Treasure Hunt

12:30  Introduction & Goal Setting

1:30    Lunch

2:00    What if you made the laws?

4:00.   Arts for Social Change:  Using theatre and visual arts to advocate for your new law

6:00    Dinner

7:00    Nature Walk 

9:00   Campfire Songs


8:00 Breakfast

9:00  Energizer Games & Goal Setting

10:00  Plein Air painting

12: 15 lunch

1:15  Playground Time

2:00  Presenting and Debating Laws

3:45  Snack

4:00  Arts for Social Change (continued)

6:00   Group Hike

7:00 Dinner


8:00 Breakfast

9:00  Nature walk / Orienteering

10:00 Presenting and Debating Laws (continued)

12:15 Lunch

1:15 Playground Time

2:00  General Assembly – Vote on Laws

5:00  Youth Meet the Speakers

6:00  Group Hike

7:00  Dinner


8:00 Breakfast

9:00 Sharing Circle

11:00 Goodbyes

Young people are invited to register for the Peace, Justice and You(th) Conference on May 27, 2022.   Youth are also welcome to attend the entire AID Conference from May 28-30, where they may attend sessions of interest to them and also interact and play in unstructured and semi-structured activities in the conference area and along the trails and grounds of Prince William Forest.