2020 Speakers

To be announced soon

2019 Speakers

Nityanand Jayaraman:

Nityanand Jayaraman is a writer and researcher based in Chennai. He investigates and reports on corporate abuses of environment and human rights, and is part of an anti-corporate collective called Vettiver Koottamaippu (Collective). He recently won the Franco-German Prize for Human Rights and the Rule of Law in 2018. He is based out of Chennai and focuses on issues related to environmental justice, climate change, and citizen action to protect the environment in and around Tamil Nadu. He believes India can lead the world in showing the alternative, ecologically sound way to ensure the well-being of all humankind. Read more.


 Kirankumar Vissa :

Kiran Vissa is an AID Jeevansaathi and long time social activist who works on issues related to the agrarian crisis and sustainable organic agriculture in India. An alumni of IIT-Madras, he received his master’s degree from the University of Maryland. Leaving a lucrative career in the US, he returned to India to address the epidemic of farmer suicides in his native Andhra Pradesh. In his work in collaboration with various farmers associations, he has relentlessly focused on social, economic and policy level changes to empower the Indian farmer. Read more about him here.