Balaji Sampath Eureka! Kids and homes.

Dr. Balaji Sampath is a central figure in AID. He has made several vital contributions in planning and executing large-scale campaigns in health, literacy and improving quality of education in India. His work has led to the Eureka Child program, which reaches out to 1 million children in Tamil Nadu to improve reading, math and science skills.

Dr. Sampath is a graduate of IIT-Chennai where he stood All India No. 4 in the Joint Entrance Examination. He received his doctorate from the University of Maryland, College Park’s Electrical Engineering program in 1997. At graduate school Dr. Sampath became a volunteer for AID-College Park. As a graduate student, he mobilized many volunteers and helped start 25 chapters of Association for India’s Development in the USA.

Dr. Sampath returned to India and started working full time on social issues in 1997. He started AID India, whose work has been mainly in education, and worked with the Center for Ecology and Rural Development and the People’s Science Movement on various health and education programs. He was also a National Organizer of the People’s Health Assembly Campaign in 2000.

Dr. Sampath is a recipient of several awards for AID India’s work in reading and science education — the Ashoka Fellowship, the Lemelson Innovator’s Award and the Rotary Distinguished Service Award. He also demonstrates a popular weekly science program for children on TV. Dr. Sampath is an author of several books and videos on education, science popularization and health. His other avatar is AhaGuru.

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