Kiran Vissa — Agriculture & farmers’ issues

Kiran Vissa has been a key AID figure since its formative years and has worn many hats of leadership and organizational roles. Kiran’s focus interests have been agriculture and farmers’ issues, consumer awareness on food, volunteer mobilization and citizen activism, and tackling organizational challenges in AID.

Kiran played an important role in setting up many early chapters of AID, and continued to provide inspirational and organizational support to budding chapters and emerging leadership. He was in the Board of Directors, and was an important part of many of AID’s initiatives. He played a key role in promoting the sangharsh aspect in AID through the Narmada struggle, the anti-communalism campaign and other human rights campaigns.

Kiran holds a B.Tech. from IIT, Chennai and an M.S. from University of Maryland. He became active in AID in his very early days at College Park, inspired by the ideas and energy of volunteers like Ravi, Balaji and Aravinda, as well as by meeting many social activists from India.